Hardwood Flooring

Wood floors have been one of the most classy types of flooring designs which have retained their beauty and elegance over the centuries. Apart from adding a beautiful touch to the room, wood floors also spread warmth and make the room look cozy and inviting. In today’s time, one can choose to install wood flooring in any room of the house or office. This article will cover some of the basic points about wood flooring to consider before choosing it as the ideal flooring for your home/ office.

Types of wood flooring

Wood flooring is divided into the following two categories:

Unfinished/ factory-finished wood flooring – This type of flooring is characterized by its use of completely natural wood which is either given a finishing in the factory or is installed first and given the finishing later. This type of flooring is rarely preferred because of the difficulties faced in finishing.
Engineered wood flooring – Planks of wood are made using machines which are specially engineered to be tougher and less prone to expansion due to temperature changes. This is generally considered to be a high-quality flooring and gives a smooth finished look to the floor.

Advantages of wood flooring

While wood flooring has always been one of the top choices for flooring, the following are some of the most basic advantages of getting a wooden floor for your house:

Wooden flooring is said to be the most beautiful kind of flooring available. The warm natural color and look of the wooden floors can turn even a simple room into an elegant and beautiful one. Wooden floors are the most durable and can even last hundreds of years. For this reason, many old houses have wooden floors which do not need repairs even today. Wooden flooring is sure to increase the real estate value of your house. It is a much-preferred option for any homeowner who is looking to buy a new house. Wooden floors do not get dirty easily as even spills and stains can be cleaned with normal cleaning agents.

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