Window Treatments

Windows are often considered to be the defining feature of a house. A house with big open windows is more airy and generally, gives a more warm and inviting feel. For this reason, it becomes increasingly important not just to make sure that your windows look good but also that they have the proper shutters, blinds, and curtains which enhance their function as well. There are many different kinds of window treatment options available in the market and it is best to have a swift look through them to make sure you choose the right one.

Types of window treatment

Window treatment covers both the aesthetic and functional element of a window. As such, there are two categories of window treatment:

Hard treatment – Hard treatment of windows basically involves installation of shutters, blinds, and shades. Home owners generally prefer installation of blinds of shades over shutters as they give a more customized feel and can be rolled up or opened/ closed easily. Blinds also come in three variants: wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, and aluminum blinds.

Soft treatment – Soft treatment of windows includes installation of curtains and draperies which also come in many different styles. Apart from this, window treatments also include treatment around windows such as decorative molding or cornice. One can also go for direct treatment to the window glass such as glass frosting or stained glass.

Considerations while choosing window treatment

Choosing the right window treatment for your house can completely change the look of the whole house and make it much more pleasing. The following are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while choosing window treatment:

You must think well in advance what the purpose of window treatment is. If you want windows to keep out the light, it is better to go for heavy shutters or drapes. On the other hand, to keep light and air filtering in, blinds are the perfect solution. The amount of sunlight a window receives will determine whether the curtains put over that window will require a lining or not. If a window receives direct sun rays, the curtain will fade off pretty quickly. While choosing the color of your curtains, it is best to refer to what colors are in vogue for the season. Generally, light colors like baby pink, light blue etc. look good on curtains and give a fresh feel to the room. It is also important to match the fabric of the curtains with the décor of the room. For a well-decorated room, satin or crinkly velvet curtains would be ideal. On the other hand, cotton curtains work well for simple rooms.

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