Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the cheapest and therefore most popular types of flooring all over the world. Vinyl flooring is also called resilient flooring as it is extremely durable and low maintenance. On the basis of looks, vinyl flooring can be compared to any of the natural floorings like stone, marble, wood etc. Because of such versatile features, vinyl flooring became a very sought after option by many homeowners. However, one of the biggest factors of vinyl flooring is that it is made of PVC which is resilient but not environment-friendly. As an alternative, eco vinyl tiles have also been developed off late.

Types of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring can be divided into two main types:

Tile vinyl – Vinyl flooring is more often than not composed of Vinyl Composite Tiles. Flooring in the form of vinyl is preferred as it is easier to install and create designs with. Vinyl tiles are also available in a variety of designs.

Sheet vinyl – Flooring which comes in the form of big sheets of vinyl are also used in some cases, especially where the size of the room is very large. However, sheet vinyl flooring is losing popularity because of its difficulty of installation.

Advantages of vinyl flooring

Being one of the most popular types of flooring, it is no surprise that vinyl flooring comes with many advantages. Some such advantages are as follows:

Vinyl flooring is much cheaper than other types of flooring as the material used in the flooring itself is quite cheap. This kind of flooring is softer than marble or wood flooring and provides a little cushion while walking or standing. Vinyl flooring tiles are available in many shapes, designs and colours. There is an array of choices to make your room look as beautiful as you want. Vinyl floors do not need any special maintenance. Even for cleaning, a simple sweeping of the dust or wiping with a wet mop is sufficient.

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