Specialty Flooring

If you want a kind of flooring which exactly matches your taste and all the conventional types of flooring do not suit your style, then specialty flooring is the best option for you. As the name suggests, specialty flooring includes a number of special features which can be customized as per the wishes of the homeowner. Instead of the common stone, laminate, wood or vinyl flooring, specialty flooring brings a touch of uniqueness to the interior decoration.

Types of Specialty Flooring

Specialty flooring is mainly characterized by the use of an unusual material. Most commonly the following four types of specialty flooring can be seen in homes:

Rubber flooring – Popular because of its sound muffling feature and extreme durability, rubber flooring is the ideal option for offices and kids playroom. It is also one of the most environment-friendly floorings.

Marmoleum flooring – This type of the flooring gives the homeowners a chance to bring out their creativity and design a floor exactly as they want. Made from all natural materials, it is environment-friendly as well as strikingly beautiful.

Cork flooring – Another material which is preferred by environment enthusiasts is cork which is a renewable natural resource. Cork flooring is soft yet resilient and is available in many different color choices and stains.

Bamboo flooring – Bamboo is cut into solid or engineered planks which are used for flooring. It is similar to wood flooring but is more environment-friendly.

Advantages of specialty flooring

All four types of specialty flooring have their own unique characteristics which mean that each of them is advantageous in their own unique way. While Marmoleum flooring is good for those who want a burst of color and design on their floor, rubber and cork flooring are generally used in specific kinds of rooms. However, the common advantage with all four types of flooring is that they are very environment-friendly. Secondly, all four floorings are also relatively easy to install and require very little maintenance work.

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