Natural Stone Flooring

A natural stone flooring in either home or office is one of the most beautiful additions that you can give to the interior furnishings. However, just like with all other kinds of flooring you can go for, natural stone flooring also has many different categories, each of which has its own pros and cons too. Before choosing to install natural stone flooring, it is best to gain an in depth knowledge of the different options available to you so as to make an informed choice about the most suitable stone flooring for your interiors..

Types of natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring can be divided into four main types on the basis of the stone used:

Marble flooring – Using marble for flooring is one of the most common choices for homeowners because of its beauty as well as a set of versatile features. Marble is said to have a timeless elegance because of its creamy white color and is seen as a luxury flooring.

Granite flooring – Granite is one of the hardest and most durable substances that can be used for flooring designs. It is extremely resistant to stains and pits and will last many years.

Limestone flooring – Limestone is slightly softer than marble or granite and is best used in rooms with light traffic. It is popular because of the wide variety of colour combinations available.

Slate flooring – This stone is generally used for outside flooring. It has a textured and patterned look which can make any room look unique.

Advantages of natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring has a number of advantages because of which it is a popular choice among homeowners. Apart from giving your home a natural look and feel, all types of stones used for flooring are resistant to heat absorption. This results in the home remaining cool throughout the year even in areas with high temperatures. Stone flooring is also relatively low maintenance as no special techniques are required for cleaning it. Most of all, stone flooring once installed is sure to last you a lifetime.

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