Choosing the right countertop for your use can be a big decision as a countertop once installed is sure to last several years. What makes choosing a countertop even more difficult is the fact that there are a large number of options available in the market. Ranging from the type of material to the pattern and colours, countertops come in a number of variants. This article will cover the basic points to keep in mind while choosing a countertop.

Types of countertop

There are a number of different types of countertops categorized on the basis of material used. However, the following are the most basic and popular types of countertops:

Granite – It is probably the most popular material used as countertops. Its advantages include striking and beautiful patterns, resistance to scratches from knives etc., easy to clean and long-lasting durability.

Solid surfacing – For a colorful and unique looking countertop, solid surfacing is the best option. It is a low maintenance material and does not require special cleaning or sealing. As an alternative to granite, it is a great choice.

Quartz surfacing – If you want the beautiful look of natural stone while having the low maintenance advantages of solid surfacing, quartz surfacing is the best option.

Marble – Just like marble tiles floors, marble countertops also have a simple elegance about them. A solid slab of marble used as the countertop is sure to last hundreds of years without need of any repair or maintenance.

Laminate tops – For those on a low budget, laminate countertops can be a good option. Although they are not as durable as marble or granite, they are an attractive buy because of the different designs available.

Countertop buying tips

Apart from choosing the right material for the countertop, it is also important to keep the following points in mind while shopping for a countertop:

It is important to assess the right countertop which will suit your living standards and purpose of use. Simply choosing the best looking countertop is not enough. Traditional countertops always have a square edge. However, now, there are many different shapes of edges to choose from such as egg, bullnose, bevel etc. You can also try mixing two different types of countertops together to give your kitchen a unique look and to enhance functionality. For example, if you have a laminate top, you can have a small block of granite countertop installed as butcher block.

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