Ceramic Flooring

Flooring from ceramic or porcelain tiles is one of the most common features of most modern homes and with good reason. As compared to any other kind of flooring or using tiles of another material, ceramic flooring is a much cheaper and more convenient option. Not only are the ceramic tiles extremely long lasting and durable, but they are also fairly resistant to daily wear and tear and require very little maintenance. Ceramic floor tiles can also be used in all the rooms of the house including the kitchen and bathrooms.

Finer Floors Ceramic Flooring

Types of ceramic flooring

Although there are no particular types of ceramic flooring, one can still categorize the ceramic tiles on the basis of their rating given by a professional institute on the basis of their hardness. Generally, tiles are classified as Group 1, Group 2 and so on till Group 5. Group 1 tiles are the least hard and are recommended for use in rooms where traffic is less. Group 5 tiles are the hardest and most durable.

Advantages of ceramic flooring

There are a number of advantages of getting ceramic flooring because of which they are the most popular choice for flooring. Some such advantages are as follows:

Ceramic tiles are extremely durable. They are resistant to scratches, daily wear and tear and would be extremely difficult to break. The tiles require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. They are not liable to staining and can be cleaned with a simple mop. The tiles are also temperature tolerant. They will remain cool even in the toughest season of heat. Ceramic tiles are considered to be the most environment-friendly as they do not pose a danger of any allergies resulting from dust etc. Installing ceramic flooring also tends to be cheaper than other kinds of flooring.

Disadvantages of ceramic flooring

Although the drawbacks of ceramic flooring are not many, it would be best to keep the following points in mind:

Ceramic flooring is extremely hard and therefore uncomfortable to walk on. The flooring can be softened only with the use of a carpet. Installation of ceramic flooring is a time-consuming process and requires professional help. It is advisable to hire a contractor to do the flooring of the entire house. Since the ceramic tiles are resistant to heat absorption, they tend to stay cold which might turn into a problem during the winter months.

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