A carpet is not just a decorative piece of furniture for any room but serves a much bigger purpose in enhancing the look of the room. Wall to wall carpeting gives a complete look to the room while also signifying comfort and luxury. The fiber, colour and pattern of carpet also help in turning a drab, sparsely furnished room into one which looks cozy and inviting. Moreover, a carpet provides a soft cushioned covering to the floor and is considered to be one of the most practical flooring options, irrespective of the size or design of the room.

Advantages of carpeting

Whether you go for a wall to wall carpet or a smaller carpet to simply cover the central area of the room, a good carpet comes with many distinct advantages. Some such advantages include:

Appearance - Carpeting is the best way to hide the unevenness or other blemishes on the floor.

Cost efficiency - Getting a subfloor or a new tiled floor will be a much more costly affair as compared to a simple yet beautiful carpet.

Acoustics - Carpets are generally heavy enough to absorb sound, thus making the room much quieter and more peaceful.

Aesthetics - Carpets with intricate patterns and deep colors add the much-needed softness to the otherwise angular contours of any room.

Less maintenance - Carpet maintenance has also become quite easy as modern carpets are especially built to be stain free and odour free.

Choosing among the different types of carpets

A modern-day carpet comes in many variants so that one can choose exactly the kind of carpet that suits one’s room and taste. However, before picking a carpet to buy, it is best to be knowledgeable in the types of carpets available.

Carpet variants can be essentially divided broadly into two categories: cut carpets and loop carpets.

Cut Carpets – These kinds of carpets are generally chosen for a wall to wall carpeting as the absence of loops means they have a snug fit. Depending on the length of the fibre, the cut carpets are sub-categorized into Plush, Textured, Saxony, Frieze, and Cable. While Plush and Textured carpets are preferred for office décor, Saxony, Frieze, and Cable are carpets which have a more informal and cozy look, perfect for one’s bedroom.

Loop Carpets – Carpets with long or short loops are also known as all-purpose carpets. Apart from adding to the elegance of a room, these carpets are also great for hiding dirt and footprints. The styles included in this category of carpets are Level Loop, Patterned multi-level Loop, and Loop & Cut.

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